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Joshua "Josh" Neil Farro, born on September 29, 1987 (age 34), in Voorhees, New Jersey, brother of drummer Zac Farro, he is the former lead guitarist/backing vocalist for Paramore and currently the lead vocalist/guitarist for his self titled band 'Farro'.


He was Paramore's first lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Paramore. He and his brother Zac were the band’s founding members along with Hayley Williams and later joined by Jeremy Davis.

Josh posted a message on stating he had become engaged, and was staying behind on the upcoming Pacific Rim Tour to plan his wedding and will be replaced by rhythm guitarist Taylor York's older brother Justin York. He returned to Paramore for the ongoing Spring Tour.

Both Josh and Zac left the band in mid-December, 2010 after months of thinking. The main reason for leaving being how he felt the record company didn't value him or the other members of Paramore.

Life after Paramore[]

After the messy split with Paramore, Farro posted some negative tweets directed at the band and a lot of songs from Paramore's self-titled album are said to be about his and Zac's departure, but as of 2016, he said that he was on “good terms“ with the band and hopes that things would get even better in the future.

Later that year, Josh announced the (self) title of his solo project, Farro. His first single "Color Rush" was released that November, along with another single "Cliffs". Farro independently released his debut album "Walkways" on February 5, 2016, and has announced a mini-tour in support of the album. Farro also said that he was working on a second album but since then no more information has been released.

It was revealed recently that in 2015 he privately apologized to Hayley and Taylor about his behavior in a run-in at a coffee shop.

Personal life[]

Josh dated a girl back in high school who was apparently abusive to him before he dated Hayley. The song "Misery Business" was written about an ex-girlfriend of his.

Josh and Hayley dated for three years but broke up in the fall of 2007 because they felt it would interfere with the music. It was later revealed that one of the reasons the relationship ended was that Hayley had cheated on Josh with her ex-husband Chad Gilbert. After that, he briefly dated a girl named Tabitha before dating his current wife Jenna Rice, whom he wed on April 3rd, 2010, and the band was invited to the wedding.

In September 2017, both he and his wife announced via Instagram that they were expecting a baby girl named Basil who was born in January 2018. And on November 5, 2019, Josh announced via Instagram that they were expecting another baby. The baby is a boy, was born on May 21, 2020, and his name is Leon.

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  • He has an Instagram: @realjoshfarro
  • He has a Twitter: @Farro
  • He co-wrote most of the songs from All We Know is Falling, Riot!, and brand new eyes with Hayley Williams.
  • Like Zac, he is of Italian descent.
  • Josh was absent on the Pacific Rim Tour as he was planning his wedding. Taylor York's older brother, Justin York, filled in on his absence, Justin would later take his place as the touring lead guitarist after his departure.
  • He was one of Paramore's founding members.
  • His brother Zac returned to Paramore in 2016, but only officially in February 2017.
  • Josh is openly homophobic. In 2020, Farro made a post on his Facebook page comparing pedophilia and homosexuality, leading Williams to claim that his homophobia was a cause for his departure from the group.

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