Paramore Wiki

The is the official website of Paramore. It contains videos, photos, a webstore, and links to the band's social medias.

You can create an account on Paramore's website and be apart of the site newsletter, post photos, videos, and interact in forums.

Pages[] frontpage.
  1. Home page - It's the main page. It has a navigation header so you can have access to the following pages:
  2. Music + Videos - It redirects you to this page, where you can stream Paramore albums on different platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.
  3. Tour - It redirects you to this page, where you can have information about Paramore going on tour. Here, on the Wiki, you can also find news about tours here!
  4. Store - It redirects you to Paramore's official webstore, where you can find official new merch with a bonus: You can also share photos of you wearing/showing your merch! Use the tag #paramerch on either Instagram or Twitter, or upload your picture in the site.
  5. Follow - It's not necessarily a page, but it contains links to the band's social medias.


  • was not made until Riot! was released, meaning that Paramore did not have an official website during the making and release of All We Know is Falling.